Aidu Altar of Victory

Memorial of the Independence war More
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Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve

On the borderline of Jõgeva, Tartu and Viljandi counties More
(+372) 5305 9756
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Alo Mattiisen's piano classroom

Memorial room dedicated to famous Estonian composer More
(+372) +372 7721338
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Anna Haava Memorial Room

Life of an Estonian poet More
(+372) +372 7764346
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Äksi St. Andrew's Church of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church

A neo-gothic church More
(+372) +372 5268730
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Betti Alver Museum

Poetess life and creation More
(+372) +372 6681098
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Central Estonian Art Gallery pART

(+372) +372 7751168
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EELC Lutheran Church in Maarja-Magdaleena

Medieval church rebuilt into a pseudo-Gothic church More
(+372) 773 8201, 516 3487

EELC Mustvee Lutheran church

One of the five churches in Mustvee. More
(+372) 772 6234

EELC Palamuse St Bartholomew`s Lutheran Church

One of the oldest medieval churches in North-Tartumaa More
(+372) 526 3976, 522 6824

Eeva Niinivaras museum room

In museumroom is displayed poets biography and works More
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EKB Mustvee Betany sanctuary

(+372) 772 6160, 503 5450

Elistvere Animal Park

The animal park is located in the territory of the former Elistvere manor park. More
(+372) +372 6767030
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Endla Nature Reserve

On the borderline of Järva, Jõgeva and West-Viru counties More
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EOC Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit in Põltsamaa

Historicist church with a rectangular ground plan More
(+372) 505 9377, 775 1523

Ethel Hakkaja Art Store

Handicraft, paintings, souvenirs More
(+372) +372 775 1168; +372 5192 5845
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Exhibition "Samovars and Old Believers"

Learn about Oldbelievers' traditions More

Jõgewa Museum

(+372) +372 5104191
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Jürisaare Farm Museum

History of the farm Jürisaare and old farm items More
(+372) 776 4292

Kalevipoegs Museum

Region's recent history and topics of Kalevipoeg More
(+372) +372 7734867
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Kassinurme Fort and Sacred Grove

An ancient area, established 7000 years ago More
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Kuremaa Castle and Park

Regional agriculture and Kuremaa`s school history More
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Kuremaa museum

Located in beautiful castle of Kuremaa More

Kuremaa windmill

Panoramic view to Vooremaa More
(+372) 505 8224, 565 07717

Kursi Parish Museum

(+372) +372 7763684
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Kursi's Sts. Mary and Elisabeth Church of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church

Baroque combined with the pseudo-Gothic More
(+372) +372 7763684

Laiuse fortress ruins

Ruins are located in a beautiful place More

Laiuse Straw Museum

Permanent exhibition More
(+372) +372 7742519
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Lembit Paal's collection of antiquities

Museum is located in Paalakalda farm More
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Lustivere Manor

Is located in former stage building More
(+372) +372 7766946
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Lustivere Manor

First records which mention the manor date back to 1552 More

Lutheran Church of Blessed Virgin Mary in Torma

Local people call the church "Noah's Ark" More
(+372) 53418633, 53427098

Luua Manor museum rooms

Theme rooms are located in beautiful Luua Mainor More
(+372) +372 7762111
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Mainor of Elistvere

One of the oldest in the neighborhood More
(+372) 676 7030, 5346 5030
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Mainor of Luua

The manor was first mentioned in the 1519 More
(+372) 776 2111
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Manor of Puurmani

At present the castle houses Puurmani Upper Secondary School More
(+372) 5263930
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Monument and memorial park to Betti Alver

Memorial park and monument dedicated to Estonian poetess Betti Alver More
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Monument of Karl August Hermann

Memorial was erected in 1935 and the author was Alfred Zolk-Leius. More

Monument to cold weather in Jõgeva

On the limits of city Jõgeva and near the road of Piibe there has been installed cold pillar by the non-profit organization. More
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Mustvee Holy Trinity church

In 1877 builted sanctuary has quite peculiar destiny More
(+372) 510 1744

Mustvee Old Believer’s Museum

Culture and traditions of Oldbelievers More
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Nurga Regional Studies Museum

Located near Aruküla round, the former farm site More
(+372) +372 7763413

Paduvere Farm Museum

18th century rural life More
(+372) +372 7763046

Pajusi manor

(+372) +372 7750229
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Palamuse O. Lutsu Parish School Museum

Luts`s creations, school and parish history More
(+372) 776 0514
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Põltsamaa Castle

The forecourt of the castle hosts open air events More
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Põltsamaa Food Museum

In Põltsamaa wine cellar More
(+372) +372 58556299
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Põltsamaa Museum

Located within the walls of the ancient castle More
(+372) +372 7751390
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Põltsamaa Rose Garden

Over 5000 rose plants and almost 1000 different rose varieties More
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Peace House of Kärde

Kärde Mainor is famous because of its Peace House More

Permanent exhibition "Lake Peipus Living Room"

Permanent exhibition, which shares information about the Lake Peipsi More
(+372) +372 6020105
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Raja Street-Village 7km

The unique street-village includes Raja, Kükita, Tiheda ja Kasepää villages More

Rajaküla Old Believers’ Worship House

Sanctuary, N. Frolov`s school of iconwriting and its history More

Sõpruse Park

Sõpruse Park is the newest park in Põltsamaa, started in 1969 More
(+372) +372 7768520
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Siimusti Clay Industry

Earthenware More
(+372) +372 7721578
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St. George’s Lutheran Church in Laiuse

Legend tells that there is a secret underground way from Laiuse Castle to the Church More
(+372) 774 2545, 5615 3188

St. Michael’s Church in Kodavere

This stone-church is fourth church on the site More
(+372) 525 4959

St. Nicholas' Orthodox Church in Mustvee

A neo-Hostoric orthodox church More
(+372) 5366 9372

St. Nicholas' church, Põltsamaa

Built on the former bastion tower and fortress walls More
(+372) +372 7769915
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Tartu-Jõgeva recreation area

Forest close to the city, varied landscape, rivers, lakes, forests rich in berries and mushrooms More
(+372) 676 7030, 5346 5030, 525 3395; 507 6608
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The Arboretum of Luua Forestry School

About 500 species and forms of trees and shrubs More
(+372) 5340 7559, 507 6971
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Vaiatu History room

In Vaiatu Community center More

Veskimetsa Farm Museum

Old farm artifacts, farm life and history More
(+372) 776 4561, 501 4259